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The Developmental Benefits of Threading

Threading with beads is not only fabulous for developing essential fine motor skills but can also be used as a way to introduce young children to a variety of mathematical concepts such as colours, patterns, shapes and counting.

Little boy threading beadsDinosaur Threading

Children as young as 2 years old can practise stringing beads onto pipe-cleaners. As their skill level increases you can mix it up by adding different materials like string, cut-up straws and different sized beads. 

Threading Letters and Numbers

Threading beads is cool for boys too, and what’s more important, is the fact that studies show it’s our boys who need it most.

Activity Buttons

Boys generally love all activities relating to ‘gross’ motor skills like kicking a ball or climbing the furniture. Finding that window of opportunity each day to engage our boys in a fine motor task is particularly important. Let’s make beading badass!

Threading game 
Threading Beads

Did you know that the act of threading helps:

  1. increase concentration span 
  2. improve hand manipulation (which is good practice for holding a pencil) 
  3. teaches team spirit when done in a group
  4. improves bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body at the same time)
  5. prepare kids for mathematical concepts like length, measurements, counting and patterns.

Pass me some beads!

Tulip ThreadingSpider Web Threading

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