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Routine Chore/Job Charts
Routine Chore/Job Charts

Routine Chore/Job Charts

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This file comes complete with 4 Job Chart designs that are able to be personalised with your child's name, jobs, goals and reward. The idea is that you will write jobs or tasks that are age-appropriate for your child and agree on a 'goal' to reach before they earn their reward. The jobs or tasks don't necessarily need to be completed every day of the week. The reward may take a week or longer to achieve depending on the frequency of the 'job doing'. 

We hope that these job charts inspire independence and a sense of belonging and achieving in the household.  

Why are reward charts helpful:

Reward charts when used consistently are an excellent tool for encouraging positive behaviour and a ‘can do’ attitude. They give children more control over the situation as they are having to make a decision on their own terms to achieve a final award.

Reward charts promote structure and routine, ease frustration, teach self discipline, motivate and help focus on the positives in your child’s behaviour.

How to use a reward chart:

Display the reward chart somewhere that your child can easy see it. Discuss what behaviour you are trying to change and set a clear goal. Make the goal achievable but not too easy that the chart is full on day one. Example: ‘Pick up all the toys off the floor before bath time and you’ll get a star for your chart.’ Having a selection of ‘stickers of interest’ will also keep the excitement high. Give the sticker as soon as the task is complete and praise the positive behaviour. Rewards must also be clear. Start with short term rewards that can be given often such as a book, a small treat at the shop or staying up late one night. As they better understand the process you can increase the time frame to a couple of weeks, stretch out the time between stickers and eventually phase out the chart.

This is a digital product that will be sent to your nominated email account, so you can print over and over again.