The value of Art for children with Autism

The value of Art for children with Autism

By Lara Vatta.

Lara is a sole parent raising two kids with autism. Lara writes a Blog (Life With a Dash of Colour) sharing her reality, her journey and showing the world what people with autism can achieve.

Autism is a neurological condition present at birth, whose precise cause is as yet unknown. The symptoms of autism include repetitive or compulsive behaviours, social impairment, problems with communication and trouble processing sensory information. Some people with autism also have developmental delays & fine motor skills can be difficult, tasks like using scissors or hand writing can be challenging. Which is why occupational therapy & early intervention is so important.

Over the years the importance of art has become more apparent, allowing a person with autism to use art to express their emotions can be very beneficial overall. It is also a great sensory experience at the same time.

Over the years I have watched both my kids enjoy expressing themselves through art. Both my children have been diagnosed with autism even though they both have a similar diagnosis they have completely different challenges but something they do have in common is their love of art.


I recently came across Castle & Kite a small business owned by two stay at home mums, they are passionate about playtime & also about early childhood development. Castle & Kite create craft boxes that are fun & easy to follow. You know what they actually are, from the minute we opened our craft box both my kids were both ready and eager to get creative. As a Mum it was great to have everything I needed in one box - glue, paint everything was supplied. The other bonus was there an easy to follow instruction guide for each task. Sounds perfect doesn’t it, what I found most beneficial was having a picture of the end product supplied, it helped my kids point to the activity they wanted to do next and it also gave them an idea of what they were creating, it also gave them both a chance to express themselves & be creative which was awesome to see.

You can connect with Lara on Facebook, Instagram and over at her Blog, Life With a Dash of Colour. 

Check out Castle & Kite's Craft Boxes here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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