Paint with water

What makes our Magic Water Scroll special?

Ways to play...


    Paint Brush



  • Spraying

Nurture your child's creativity in their early years of learning.

What our Creative Community are saying...

The scroll is fantastic! When brushed with water it looks like real black paint! It was a real hit with a range of ages at my daughter's "water play" birthday party

Jemma K

Painless painting! This scroll has taken the stress out of my child’s painting days!

Megan S

Kids love this!! so easy to set up and clean up. Keeps the kids entertained

Victoria A

Magic in every wayBest purchase this year really :) no mess at all!

Ada F

What a wonderful idea. Great for water play on a nice sunny day and it dries off like brand new. My 14th old loves it. We will get years of use out of us as he learns the alphabet and numbers

Santhy S