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A-Z Sound Sort

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A simple cut and paste activity that is perfect for learning to ‘hear’ sounds made by each letter of the alphabet. In this sound sort activity, children classify the pictures according to the ‘sounds’ they begin with. Children learn to hear letter ‘sounds’ rather than say the letter name.

For example, ‘t’ for tiger (the sound as it is said) instead of ‘tee’ for tiger, which is the letter name (letter T). U for umbrella says the letter sound whereas Unicorn say the letter name so would not be included in this pack.

This pack includes 5 different activities for students to practise each ‘group’ of sounds. SATPIN are the first set of sounds students learn in a lot of phonics programs. It allows students to begin building words and sentences using only these 6 sounds ie sat, pin, sit, pat.

Below are the groups of sounds included in this pack:






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A-Z Sound Sort