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Dinosaur Printables Pack

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These Dinosaur Printables have been designed for
ages 3-5 for kids to work on their cutting and
pre-writing skills. The playdough mats encourage kids
to manipulate playdough into long ‘worms’ to make a
dino outline. This is a great fine motor activity for
your little one. We’ve also included a graphing and
addition activity for older kids. The ‘d’ for dinosaur
activity is available in colour and black and white
version for your convenience. This is a great
phonemic awareness activity that will help your little
learner recognise beginning sounds. Another great
hand-eye coordination and fine motor activity is the
‘painting with cotton tips’ activity. This involves
giving your little one some paint and cotton tips and
showing them how to dab the cotton tip in the paint
and ‘dot’ the paint onto the dinosaur scene.
Dinosaur Printables Pack