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Mother’s Day Printable Pack

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This packs includes:

• Mother’s Day Tulip Bouquet

• Tea Cup Card

• About My Mum questionnaire 


Mother’s Day Tulip Bouquet

An easy and crafty Mother’s Day project gift idea.

Children can get creative and build a bouquet of flowers for their Mum this Mother’s Day.

1. Print page one (flowers) on white paper and the second page (bouquet wrapping) on coloured paper of your choice.
2. Colour in the flowers -if not printing colour version.
3. Cut out each flower
4. Make the wrapping. Fold the second page along the marked lines. Fold line 1 first, then line 2 and glue down so the instructions are hidden.
5. Arrange the flowers to read ‘I love you Mum’ as pictured on the template and glue them in position.

Two versions available:
Coloured: Print the Coloured flowers on white A4 and print the bouquet wrapping on coloured paper.

Black & white: Print on white paper and decorate the tulips with coloured pencils and markers.

A crafty Mother’s Day card.

Children colour and then cut out the teacup and flower pieces to construct a sweet Mother’s Day card. Write a special message inside.

Print on thick paper for durability. Available in a colour or black and white version.

Gift idea: Staple a teabag to each card this Mother’s Day.

All about My Mum, a questionnaire to complete for Mother’s Day.

A sweet yet simple ‘About my Mum’ questionnaire for the kids to complete. Parents or guardians may choose to scribe for for younger children. Decorate and laminate for a thoughtful keepsake

Mother’s Day Printable Pack
Mother’s Day Printable Pack
Mother’s Day Printable Pack