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Sight Word Find
Sight Word Find

Sight Word Find

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One great way to learn commonly used words is through sight and repetition. These packs do exactly that with the first 100 high frequency words, in a fun and engaging activity.

The idea is to concentrate on a small group of words (perhaps 1 or 2 pages, 2-6 words) at a time. Repetition is key to understanding and embedding learning, particularly with reading skills. 

Use our Spot & Dot markers or some colours to match and colour beginning high frequency words.

Words included in these packs are:

PACK 1: a, and, I, be, in, is, it, of, the, to, was, this, but, he, on, as, are, at, all, for, her, his, not, one, so, we, with, you. 

PACK 2: an, by, do, go, if, me, my, no, or, up, this, they, that, from, said, have, had, big, can, did, get, has, him, new, now, off, old, our, out, see, she, two, who, back, been, came, down, from, into, just, like.

PACK 3: made, much, over, them, this, well, went, when, call, came, come, here, make, must, only, some, then, were, what, will, your, about, before, could, first, little, look, more, other, right, their, there, want, where, which.


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