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5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Toys

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1. Wood is beautiful

I don't know about you but I would much rather the kids leave their wooden blocks or wooden train set lying around the lounge room floor compared to their beeping bright red, blue and yellow plastic remote control or the Old McDonald animal match-up contraption that has no volume switch.
Wooden toys are a delight to behold and a great conversation starter amongst friends - especially if they are an heirloom item. Wooden toys have a way of fitting in seamlessly with your homes decor which means you are much likely to leave them out to be played and enjoyed by the kids. 
child playing with wooden push toy

2. Wood will save you money in the long run

Wooden toys might mean a bigger outlay initially but due to their durability they are much likely to last longer than their plastic counterparts. Wooden toys are more likely to be passed down from sibling to sibling and even through generations. There is something magical about your son playing with the same wooden truck your grandfather treasured once upon a time. If it does come time to part with a wooden toy you will find that they are coveted by savvy second hand hunters and often can be seen as a great investment. 
birch ply push toy. scandi kids room

3. Wood is friendly to the Earth

Look for wooden toys that are made from plantation timber. Timber recycles carbon and plantation forestry has been the major carbon positive land-based activity over the last decade. This means that buy buying wooden toys you are in fact preserving the environment for your child and their children after them. Toys made of natural materials, like wood, nourish your child's senses and connects them to nature. What could be better for the Earth than a child who has an appreciation for the wonder of the natural world?
birch ply push toy. book storage.

4. Wood will make your kids smarter

Wooden toys are quiet which means that when your child plays with them they have to come up with their own sound effects and scenarios. This encourages their imagination and creativity. Both of which are crucial for your child's development. Plastic toys that beep, honk and sing are distracting and limit creativity as the toy itself dictates the type of play. Plastic toys also discourage interaction as the toy is capable of providing the interaction that your child would otherwise source from involving other people. Wooden toys encourage interaction with other children paving the way for developing crucial social and communication skills to help them through life. 

5. Wood is safe

Wooden toys do not require batteries, electricity or high levels of toxins in order to function. This is incredibly important when your babies natural instinct is to 'mouth' everything. Wood has natural antibacterial properties so nasty germs don't stick as easily as they would to the surfaces of plastic or rubber toys. This makes them easy to clean and gives you peace of mind that you are not introducing any nasties into your home. 

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