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bake believe puts the ease & belief back into homemade baking!

Fiona tells Liss and Alana from Castle & Kite how her business 'bake believe' came about and how it will save you hours of time and stress at your child's next birthday party. 

If someone had told me before my eldest sons first birthday, that baking would make me live a more purposeful life, I would have laughed, and quite possibly walked the other way. As until now, I use to find baking a chore, and too often it ended in tears.

I was fortunate to spend my childhood competing in alpine skiing all over the world, but as a result of always being outdoors, I was rarely in the kitchen. Fast forward to April 2017, fresh into motherhood, it was to no surprise that a genuine disaster unfolded in the kitchen in my attempt to make my son’s first birthday cake. Flour everywhere, sinking centre, kids complaining – divorce worthyalmost!

Like many of you, I have many wonderful memories of my parents baking incredible cakes from the iconic Australian Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book, but in today's mayhem of juggling work and family life, attempts to recreate these masterpieces for our own children can be stressful, as we’re time poor and often not confident bakers.

After throwing myself into baking, spending many hours in the kitchen, in and around full-time work and family life, bake believe was born - delivering deliciously simple baking kits for life's little celebrations! 

DIY Cake Kits

Each baking kit is designed to be super simple and fun. They can be made by yourself, or with little people in the kitchen. From birthday cakes to cupcake kits, and plenty more fun bakes to come.

My hope is to inspire busy parents and first time bakers to create amazing bakes with their little ones, without all the stress and guilt. To experience the joy and pride of seeing their little ones eyes light up, knowing every crumb of it was made with love.

DIY Cake Kits

Most of all, I believe that the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your children is positive self-belief. Pay it forward to your little ones.

You can connect with Fiona and check out her amazing DIY Cake Kits and Custom Cake Toppers on her bake believe website. Have a peek at what her customers are creating over on the bake believe Instagram (@bakebelieveAU) and Facebook


DIY Cake Kits

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