Mummy Revival - find yourself after Motherhood

Mummy Revival - find yourself after Motherhood

I can’t even begin to tell you just how excited I was when the beautiful Alana approached me to do a blog post for the wonderful ladies at Castle & Kite.

Now before we get stuck into it, I will give you a little bit of my background story. 

My name is Stacey Lapira and I am a mum of two incredible boys, Hendrix 2.5 years and Presley 12 months. Both of my boys are IVF babies, so I feel so unbelievably grateful to science for allowing me to live my dream of becoming a mum.

Stacey Lapira with her kids

My husband and I own two of the largest group fitness facilities in Melbourne called Body Revival Health and Fitness, where we focus on training styles such as; Boot Camp, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Mum and Bubs, and CrossFit. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 8 years now and I am completely obsessed with it. This year I am launching my second business called Mummy Revival. My aim here is purely to empower mums to regain control of their health and fitness after having their children. Currently, I offer HEAPS of free content, such as home workouts, quick and healthy recipes, toddler recipes, lunchbox ideas, and the best part… transformation challenges.

I have a FREE challenge starting on the 14th of January which will help you get into good healthy habits that you can implement easily into your lifestyle. 

Taking those first steps in creating a healthier lifestyle can be so overwhelming and daunting.  As mums, we are so used to giving to everyone else and making sure everyone else’s needs are being met and often we neglect ourselves and forget to do things that light us up. We often need to be reminded that a healthier, stronger and happier you results in a person who is better equipped to care for those depending on you.


I think as mums we can often lose sight of ourselves and lose sight of what we love and enjoy. In fact, I remember after I had Hendrix, my husband asked me what my interests were, and to be honest, I couldn’t think of one thing other than my child. All my energy, thought process, and actions were all taken up by just wanting to be the best mum I could be and I forgot about my needs.  I did soon learn (well it took over a year) that a happier mum usually results in a  happier child. We need to stop losing sight of what is important to us, who we are and what we loved to do pre-children. After all, we are not just mums, we have our own identity too. When you start to take opportunities to do something for yourself, your whole persona changes, you get that fire in the belly and you get that zest and excitement for life, and as a result you become a more attentive and patient mum.

I know what you may be thinking, ‘I just don’t have the time’! My response to you is… start small. In the beginning it may mean going for a 15 min walk alone a couple of times a week, taking a bath, going out for a coffee with a girlfriend, doing a home workout when the kids go to sleep, meditation, lighting your favourite candle and reading a book, calling a friend uninterrupted, going to the gym once a week. You need to find something that you LOVE and schedule it in. Put it in the diary and make it happen. In the beginning that mum guilt may creep in, but once you start and realise that this will not only benefit you, but benefit your children as they reap the rewards of a happier mum, that dreaded mum guilt will pass.

For me, training is my therapy. Training releases those feel good endorphins that make you feel on top of the world once finished. Yes there are days where my motivation is missing, but that’s where discipline kicks in and I always remind myself, that no one ever regrets a training session once it's complete. Exercise can become so addictive, and what a good addiction to have. Now, I know going to a gym isn’t for everyone, but this is where you need to find what form on exercise works for you. When you find a way to move your body that you enjoy I can guarantee you it will never feel like a chore again.

I would love if you could come along for the ride and join my MUMMY REVIVAL FREE 30 DAY CHALLENGE starting on the 14th of January. You will gain so much and it will allow you to start forming some amazing healthy lifestyle habits to kick-start your 2019. Who is with me?

You can find me at:


I would LOVE to hear from you!

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