Christmas Holiday Card DIY

Christmas Holiday Card DIY

Christmas is near, what goes better with your presents than a nice homemade card?
Here’s an easy and original one you can personalise however you want!
You will need:
- Cardboard
- Colourful A4 paper (you can also use leftover wrapping paper for an extra pop!)
- Pencil
- Markers
- Scissors
- Glue


Step 1

Start by aligning the sheets of paper and folding them in half. Open it again and fold the outer corners inwards. Fold the paper in half again, with the edges facing forward.

Step 2

Draw half of a Christmas tree on one side of the paper, making sure that the edges are still facing outwards. Cut the shape out: you should now have four trees.

Glue them together like in the picture below, one side at a time.

Step 3

Now that the tree is ready, take the two sides that are not glued together and attach them to the card. Decorate with markers, glitter, or anything you want and you are ready to spread some Holiday cheer!

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