Easy No-Mess Crafts for Kids

Easy No-Mess Crafts for Kids

1. Chalk Art: Gather some sidewalk chalk, find a safe place to draw, and let the kids go crazy with their chalk creations.

2. Paper Chains: Give each kid a stack of construction paper to create their own personal paper chain.

3. Pom-pom Art: Let the kids use a variety of colours to make lovely creations with pom-poms and some glue.

4. Cardboard Tube Crafts: Re-purpose cardboard tubes into fun creations, like toy cars or flower vases.

5. Finger Painting: Spread newspaper on the floor, provide some paint and let the kids go wild!

6. Foam Crafts: Let the kids make animals and other figures with foam shapes and glue.

7. Paper Mache: Use balloons to shape the base of the paper mache project, then let the kids add layers of paper and glue.

8. Washi Tape Art: Provide a variety of washi tape colours and let the kids let their imaginations run wild.

9. Paper Plate Art: Let the kids create masks, animals, and more with paper plates, paint, and other materials.

10. Mosaic Art: Have the kids make a mosaic art piece with cut-up construction paper and glue.

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