Five Activities Kids Can Learn through Reward Charts

Five Activities Kids Can Learn through Reward Charts

These days parents are so busy, it's not easy to keep our patience to teach our kids a new skill at the end of a long day. We tend to nag and sometimes negative comments slip out.

Printable reward charts are the perfect solution for teaching our kids and encouraging them to do the right thing.

By using behaviour charts, we can help our children understand the importance of being able to do a new activity through fun ways. At the completion of the reward chart, hopefully they will have grasped the new concept all on their own. 

Firstly, we must understand the steps below to make behaviour charts work effectively:

Title the reward charts

The importance of this is to let our kids know the end goal. Explain an activity's importance. Use role play related to it. Make it as if they are in a mission whether as an astronaut, knights, princess, etc.

By doing so, kids will be eager to finish the chart as well as grasp the importance of an activity. Common reasons for using a behaviour chart are; toilet or potty training, eating all their dinner up, sleeping in their own beds and doing homework.

Explain the reward they're going to get when they finish the charts

The reward's function isn't only to make kids excited but also to put the idea that if they make an effort, they'll get something good in the end.

Praise our kids for their accomplishments

Give them compliments, “You did a great job getting dressed," or, "Wonderful! you haven’t had any accidents today," etc. Children thrive off our praise. Positive reinforcement will help the behaviour chart be more effective.

Sticker chart on the fridge

After knowing the steps, now let's find out about the skills our kids can learn through reward charts, and which ones are suitable for each. Below are five ideas:

1. Toilet training

It takes time, patience, tenacity and effort to teach kids how to use the toilet or potty. The reward charts are extremely helpful to make kids excited and motivated to stop using nappies.

For this activity, the monthly reward chart is suitable to use. It can be used for several weeks. It comes in a variety of designs that can be printed over and over again.

2. Practice self-independent activities

It's never too early to teach our kids to be able to do things by themselves such as dressing themselves, using eating & drinking utensils, sleeping in their bedroom, etc. The reward chart will make our kids feel that they've been able to do each activity one by one. It'll give them a sense of accomplishment.

As kids usually can master the self-independent activities in a short time, the weekly personalized reward chart is a great tool to use. Having the child’s name printed on the chart will boost their confidence as it can be a proof of their achievement, which they can share with their families.

3. Brushing teeth

It’s so important that kids learn good teeth hygiene from an early age! A toothbrushing chart is a great way to encourage kids to brush their teeth. These printable toothbrushing reward charts come in several fun and funky designs that can be printed as often as you need.

Kids using the toohbrushing sticker chart

4. Learn good manners

We all want our kids to have impeccable manners. But it can be a very repetitive process! The Personalised Reward Chart and the Monthly Reward Chart are ideal for motivating kids to use good manners. By praising kids when they do use manners and rewarding them with a sticker will have them saying please and thank you a lot faster!

5. Learn to pick up after themselves

Kids are renowned for having their toys/things scattered around the house. There comes a time when we need to teach them the importance of picking up after themselves. Using a sticker chart may be the extra motivation your child needs to start picking up their toys. Spotify also has a great playlist called ‘Cleaning up songs’ that provides a fun soundtrack to ‘tidy up time.’

If you’re keen to start using Reward Charts, head on over to our shop where you will find the perfect chart for your needs. You will find:

    Ask your kids to choose their favourite design. The chance to pick the one they like will make them feel important and give them control over completing the reward chart. Don’t delay, head over to Castle & Kite now and download a reward chart!

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