What is Magic Corn?

What is Magic Corn?

Magic Corn is unlike any art and craft material you’ve ever used before! It’s made of cornstarch and food colouring making it completely non-toxic and biodegradable! Basically they are packing peanuts for kids! I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of anything Earth friendly! The creative possibilities of Magic Corn are endless! They are bright, fun, interesting and extremely open-ended. Magic Corn also has numerous educational benefits. They are great for developing fine motor skills and they can also be used as a tool to teach or explore patterning, construction, numeracy and literacy

Magic Nuudles

You can twist, mould, shape and cut the Magic Corn blocks. Each Magic Corn block needs to be moistened (there is a sponge in the pack) to adhere to paper or other blocks. Then you can press them together or onto the paper! Download these FREE Magic Corn activity sheets to get you started!

Magic Noodle printablesHow to use Magic Nuudles

Magic Corn is perfect to have on hand for a rainy or sick day, school holidays, they would also make an interesting and novel gift idea for anyone aged 4 to 14. Also suitable for school or daycare arts and crafts! Check them out here!

Magic Noodle kids craft


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