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Top 10 Parenting Apps

Are you a new parent? Do you have a smartphone? You NEED these apps!

Trust me. 

I'm in a constant search for the perfect (free) app. I've compiled a list of my all-time favourite life (and tantrum) saving apps that I hope bring you as much convenience as they have brought me!

The Wiggles Brush - Do your kids love the Wiggles but do not love brushing their teeth? Then this app is for you! The Wiggles do a special 'teeth brushing' performance just for your child. Every time they brush they collect a special badge to go in their 'gallery'. It's FREE.

National Home Doctor App - Book a qualified (bulk billed) doctor to come to your house after hours. This has been a lifesaver for me and my family. If you are with BUPA you may even get your medication for free. If you use the App you can jump the 13SICK queue (and not feel guilty about it!). It's FREE.

Kids Health Info Fact Sheets - written by the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne so you know they're reputable. Before I had my kids, I used to work as a pharmacist in a children’s hospital and we used these fact sheets all the time. From Acne to Wound Care - they have you covered. It's FREE.

Baby Flash Cards - I use this one a lot with my kids when they get antsy during the grocery shopping. SO easy to use. You can change the settings as they get more competent. My one year old uses the simple click through voiceover option and my two year old has upgraded to the question mode. It's FREE.

The Wonder Weeks - This was great when I had my firstborn. It was so reassuring and helpful when my baby was going through a fussy period. It gives really practical ways of helping you both through the 'leaps'. You can purchase the book through the app if you want more detail.Costs $2.99.

 put these apps on your phone home screen now!

Raising Children Network - This isn’t technically an app but I have it on my home screen because it is that useful! I would look at this about 3 times a day during the first 6 months of becoming a mum. It’s a government initiative with evidence-based content covering topics related from newborns to teenagers. It's FREE.

Snapfish - 50 FREE photo prints every month. Need I say more?! It's FREE.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today - Super helpful app if you need reminding how far along in your pregnancy you are or how old your baby is. Excellent for the second child when you've lost half your brain! It's FREE.

23snaps - This is a great app for sharing photos, stories and videos that you don’t want to share on Facebook (for privacy reasons). My family use 23Snaps all the time so our Nana doesn’t miss out on what the kids are up to. (She doesn’t have Facebook) It's FREE.

Gumtree - Save a heap of money and buy some stuff second hand. I’ve been known to ‘accidentally’ make some money on my second hand goods when I resell them. It's FREE.

So there you have it - my Top 10 Parenting Apps. I hope you get as much use out of them as I have. At the very least I hope you get a bit of your sanity back! 

What are your favourite parenting apps? Let us know below!

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